About Us


Custom Software Development Services on contractual basis

Contracts includes projects and phases deadlines, payment specifications and technical specifications like: input and output specifications, functionality and covered functions, man-machine interfaces, interfaces with other systems and/or applications.

IT Consulting

Professional IT Consulting for companies willing to build, improve or expand their Informational Structure.

Software ITC consultants are skilled in state-of-the-art information engineering methodologies which can assist clients in migrating from centralized, mainframe systems to open, client / server and other network architectures.

Whether the design calls for automated development aids such as computer-assisted systems engineering tools or good old-fashioned systems integration "know-how", Software ITC can put the professional team together to meet the unique requirements of the client's specific objectives.

Software ITC Consulting Services fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the project and the professional skills required.

Computer-Aided Education software

To interested customers we offer Lessons generated with our CAI software Delfin (for Novell networks) and Silroc (for Windows 9x / NT platforms).

Training Courses

We offer training courses and technical assistance for computer-related applications.

The extensive training courses and technical assistance that we offer for computer-related applications are recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education (M.E.N.). In the information age, training experience and general extensive experience in the IT field is a major advantage against competitors. The availability of modern training facilities, the use of modern training equipment and the hands-on approach to insure the effectiveness of the activity guarantees the success against other possible competitors.

Our extensive and complete offer combined with high quality services at affordable prices give us a substantial advantage towards other competitors in this growing market. During 10 weeks at 16-20 hours/week, in trimensual sessions, intensive training courses are being organized in specific fields:

  • Programming in C++, Pascal, FoxPro
  • Operating systems as MS-Dos, Windows 9x/NT
  • Database Management :SQL Server, Oracle, Acces