AMFORA V1.3B System for automatic processing of answering sheets
Digiscope DGS32   High speed acquisition board for Virtual Instrumentation Systems and IBM PC platforms
Eminescu - multimedia CD Luceafarul   the first lexicographical computerised Romanian work dedicated to a single integral poem
HOMEOKENT A complex computerized environment dedicated to the homeopathic medicine.
MEDFAM   Electronic assistant for general practitioners
Media Generator   Development tool that assists companies or designers for constructing complex multimedia advertising, presentations and interactive lessons distributed on CD or live accessing by Internet
ORTOGRAF   Integrated package of proofing tools for romanian language
Romanian Morphology Dictionary on CD   Computational linguistic tool for easy handling of Romanian language morphology
RomVox   Text to speech synthesis system for romanian language
VTOOLS   Computerized equipment for speech correction
VirtualScope 4.0 Virtual Oscilloscope for IBM-PC & Windows platforms